The Original Stomp Rocket: Jr. Glow in the Dark 4-Rocket Kit


For 25 years, Stomp Rocket has been soaring with kids everywhere! Our Jr. Glow will launch rockets up to 100ft. in the air and will stand out against a dark sky. This best seller is 100% kid powered, requiring no batteries - Watch them, Run, Jump…Stomp.

Stomp Rocket is a STEM Toy:

STEM stands for Science, technology, engineering and math - core subjects that build kids’ futures in robotics, computers and natural sciences. Stomp Rocket is a perfect toy to help support STEM development.

Awards & Reviews:

Stomp Rocket has received numerous awards including The Creative Child and The Top Toy of the year award for 2016. With over 4000+ reviews on Amazon and top tier ratings, Stomp Rocket is a must buy.